Explore posts on all aspects of life on the hook peninsula. They highlight the diversity of the peninsula, be that in history, flora, fauna or the ground beneath your feet.

Gastropod Fossil

Here is a less familiar type of fossil that was found around Slade. They are Gastropod impressions in limestone. Gastropods are basically similar to our present day Snails that lived in the sea as well as on land and are from a large family of other animals called Molluscs, which include Periwinkles and Mussels right…


Crinoid and Bryozoan Fossils

The Hook Peninsula is a very good place to get a glimpse of our ancient past. This is especially true in the low lying Carboniferous limestone around Hook Head and Slade. Crinoid and Bryozoan fossils are two of the most frequently encountered types here. These are over 300 million years old! Crinoids, often called sea…