Sweathouse Sauna


Baginbun Beach

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Did you know that Sweathouses have been around since the 1600’s in Ireland? As reported in the

Leitrim Sweathouse Project, ‘Sweathouses, as we understand them today, were small, stone-built structures that were

heated for the treatment of people, somewhat like a sauna. They are usually heated by a turf fire, which is raked out through a

small doorway, and then the patients enter. The treatment usually concluded by washing in a nearby stream. […] and were

primarily used to treat colds, flues and respiratory illness’


At our Sweathouse revisit your heritage and enhance your experience of our beaches and wild waters on

the Hook peninsula by combining with a piping-hot, outdoor sauna. Visiting various beauty spots on the

Hook peninsula, primarily on Baginbun beach, we offer a rejuvenating wood-fired sauna session to

families, couples and the adventurous type. Heat up in the sauna and follow with an air-cool outside or a

cold shower from our cold water supply or best of all jump in the sea to bring your body temperature

down. Then repeat! The magic lies in the repeat. Sweathouse saunas are both fun and therapeutic, with

many health benefits including contrast therapy for sports teams and enthusiasts.


Sweathouse sauna is a perfect activity to enjoy whatever the weather and especially if you find the sea

temperatures a challenge during colder months. Suitable for all including children accompanied by

families, or enjoy as a romantic experience for couples. Book a 45 minute slot online and check out our

location at sweathouse.ie or call or DM us to discuss other options or private hire.

Swim gear and towels are all you need to bring with you.