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Silver-washed Fritillary

The Silver-washed Fritillary is our largest resident butterfly and is especially found in the south of Ireland. It gets its name from the silvery splashes on its under wings. A powerful flier, it prefers thin, broad leaved woodland where it can be seen gliding back and forth along sunny pathways feeding on the nectar of…


Common Field Grasshopper

A common sight is the Common Field Grasshopper like the one pictured here in Saltmills. Their colour can vary from green through brown, to almost black. More often heard than seen, they chirp away in the vegetation or on rocks and bare ground. They call in short repetitive fizzes or in longer spells sounding like…


Six-spot Burnet Moth

Six-spot Burnet’s have been seen in the area and are very common throughout Europe. These day flying moths are strikingly coloured metallic black with crimson spots, just to remind you that they contain cyanide!! They can be found especially on hot, sunny days from June to August. This individual is feeding off nectar from Ragwort…