Explore posts on all aspects of life on the hook peninsula. They highlight the diversity of the peninsula, be that in history, flora, fauna or the ground beneath your feet.

Sea Rocket

This sea rocket (Cakile maritima) is enjoying the sun down at Carnivan beach. This annual plant spreads along sandy and shingle beaches and can be found in bloom from June to September. Originally from North America this hardy, coastal cousin or the rocket that you’d find in your local supermarket, can be found all over…


Sea Beet at Booley Bay

Sea Beet is a common sight around our coasts. Did you know this very plant is the granddaddy of our modern spinach, chard, beetroot and sugar beet? The young leaves are very tasty (and super good for you – ask Popeye) especially picked young and steamed. From soups to salads there are endless recipes online.…


Common Dog-violet

The common dog-violet is an unscented, blue-violet flower that blooms from April to June. This widespread plant lives happily in many different habitats, including woodland, grassland, heathland, hedgerows and old pasture The plant is the laval food plant of the Dark Green Fritillary. A group of these plants were spotted on the coast near Hook Lighthouse.