Explore posts on all aspects of life on the hook peninsula. They highlight the diversity of the peninsula, be that in history, flora, fauna or the ground beneath your feet.

Fossilised Sponge

Found this little guy last weekend as I walked on Loftus Bay. He is a fossilised Sponge approximately 340 million years old (Lower Carboniferous). Sponges are marine based animals and would have generally lived their lives attached to the seafloor. Feeding by filtering food particles out of the water through their bodies. When this guy…


Geology of Booley Bay

Booley Bay is home to some of the most amazing geology on the hook peninsula. Pictured below are Late Cambrian (approx. 500 million years ago) turbidites consisting of sandstones and shales. These rocks would have been deposited in a marine environment at a time when Ireland would have been located close to the south pole…