A collection of off white coloured foam on a sandy beach with waves in the background

Sea Foam

Sea Foam or Spume is as its name suggests just that. Foam is the result of gas, in this case air, mixing with liquid-seawater. This happens especially in the surf-zone when large waves are active. Dissolved organic particles in the seawater act as foaming agents or surfactants, similar to what you get in washing-up liquid.…

A natural formation of a pattern in sand at a beach

Sand art at Dollar Bay

We pride ourselves here in Ireland (and especially Wexford!) on our sandy beaches, but what is sand and why is sand so varied in both grain colour and size? Next time you go to the beach grab a handful and examine. What colour? It’s going to be composed mainly of the our most abundant minerals…

A surface of red sandstone with a maze of naturally eroded indentations

Weathered Sandstone

The Hook Peninsula is composed of many rock types including sedimentary limestone and sandstone. These are considered generally soft in geological terms and over time can be manipulated by chemicals/particles in the water/wind. Here’s a large slab of Red Sandstone around Boyces Bay eerily shaped by time and nature.

A beach littered with debris following a storm

Booley Bay after storm Darwin

Here’s a classic example of before and after. The clean picture was taken last week but check out the other picture to see how Booley Bay looked back in March. No its not taken from the set of Terminator, this is how the storms combined with high tides left poor Booley not too long ago.…