A square tower and ruined church in a graveyard.

Knights Templar at Templetown

The Knights Templar first utilised this spot by building a wooden tower here. The current stone tower that can be seen was built after the Templar lands were given to their rivals the Knights Hospitaller. The more modern church building is the old Church of Ireland church that was used up until the newer St…

A sea beet plant surrounded by grass.

Sea Beet at Booley Bay

Sea Beet is a common sight around our coasts. Did you know this very plant is the granddaddy of our modern spinach, chard, beetroot and sugar beet? The young leaves are very tasty (and super good for you – ask Popeye) especially picked young and steamed. From soups to salads there are endless recipes online.…

Creacon Wellness Retreat

Creacon Wellness Retreat Creaken Lower, New Ross, Co Wexford Tel: 051 447666 info@creaconwellnessretreat.com Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or our Website. Creacon is one of Co. Wexford’s hidden gems! Nestled in the majestic green hills of the Irish countryside, Creacon Wellness Retreat is an award winning destination for self-care, relaxation and rejuvenation. Specializing in…

A head of a Grey Seal just poking above the water.

Grey Seals

Say hi to Podge and Rodge! Whilst scanning with my binoculars from Hook Head over the water toward Dunmore East the other day, these two kept popping up to see what I was up to. So I said I’d give them their 15 minutes of fame! Grey seals are the larger of our two seals…

Baginbun Lodge

Baginbun Lodge Fethard-on-Sea Fethard-on-Sea, New Ross, Co. Wexford Tel: 087 3568250 The new Baginbun lodge is an old police barracks completely refurbished just opened in May this year. There are 12 En suite modern rooms including a family room and wheelchair accessible room. Facilities Map Free Parking Free WiFi

A grasshopper sitting on a rock with a plant in the background

Common Field Grasshopper

A common sight is the Common Field Grasshopper like the one pictured here in Saltmills. Their colour can vary from green through brown, to almost black. More often heard than seen, they chirp away in the vegetation or on rocks and bare ground. They call in short repetitive fizzes or in longer spells sounding like…

Booley Bay Rock Formation

The variation in rock type and formation around Hook Peninsula is impressive in relation to the size of the area. Each beach and bay has something different to offer. Here on Booley Bay, the late Cambrian fine-grained sandstones/shale rock strata sweep from almost horizontally to almost vertically and every other angle in between!

A small bird on a pillar


The Stonechat gets its name from its call, similar to what you would hear if you took a pebble in each hand and hit them off each other. Similar in size to the robin it also has a reddish tinge to its breast. Both male and female are similar in appearance, apart from the males…

Common Dog-violet

The common dog-violet is an unscented, blue-violet flower that blooms from April to June. This widespread plant lives happily in many different habitats, including woodland, grassland, heathland, hedgerows and old pasture The plant is the larval food plant of the Dark Green Fritillary. A group of these plants were spotted on the coast near Hook Lighthouse.